Big Shrimpin’ Down in Belize

We know where they end up, but do you know where your shrimp come from? Follow Media and Communication Arts students as they head to Belize to produce a documentary on the world of shrimp farming.

Last year, Pace students in professor Maria Luskay’s Media and Communication Arts program packed their bags for the Netherlands to shoot a documentary on the U.S. Ambassador to Holland during spring break.

This year, they’re headed to Belize with Luskay and Pace professor and New York Times blogger Andrew Revkin to produce a documentary about the world of sustainable shrimp farming. In Belize, they’ll follow Linda Thornton, one of the few women shrimp farmers in the world and a dedicated and well-known advocate for sustainable aquaculture in Central America, and visit her three shrimp farms, Cardelli, Aqua Mar, and Haney.

Follow them as they blog and tweet from the Belizean shrimp farms!