Partnering Up for Pennies for Peace

Oh, you thought all the date auctions and conversation hearts had come and gone with the passing of Valentine’s Day? You were wrong. On February 23, Housing hosts a date auction to benefit Pennies for Peace.

This week, there was dating for Haiti. Next week, on February 23, the Office of Housing in NYC wants you to bid on that special someone at the 4th Annual Date Auction, which will support Pennies for Peace, a nonprofit organization that helps build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Bidding starts at $2, and you can sign up with your RA the night of the event if you’re interested in getting your bid on. Stop by the Student Union from 9:00 p.m. to midnight for some laughs, love connections, and a good cause.

The Pennies for Peace program began in 1994, when students at a Wisconsin elementary school raised 62,340 pennies that helped founder Greg Mortensen build his first school in Pakistan. Today, Pennies for Peace has tens of thousands of participants and has raised more than 30 million pennies to help educate children around the world.

Remember, one penny can buy a pencil. Fifteen pennies, a notebook. A few hundred pennies, a teacher’s salary for a day. While some may think a penny is worthless, Pace is helping to build schools one penny at a time with this date auction!