Movie Night Madness

From a must-see documentary on the current state of education, to a 3-D animated superhero film starring Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, to an Italian film about a family’s life during the holocaust, movie nights are taking over Pace!

Start popping the corn because we’re bringing you the movie nights on NYC and PLV Campuses.

On February 22 on the PLV Campus, the School of Ed is proud to present a special screening of Race to Nowhere, a compelling documentary that tells the “heartbreaking stories of young people across the country who have been pushed to the brink, educators who are burned out and worried that students aren’t developing the skills they need, and parents who are trying to do what’s best for their kids.”  View the trailer.

On February 17, STAND, the Student Anti-Genocide Coalition, and C.I.A.O. present the Academy Award-winning La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful), a powerful story of Guideo Orefice, a Jewish Italian book keeper whose family is torn apart when they’re forced into a concentration camp during the Holocaust. To help his son survive, he hides him from the Nazi guards and convinces him that the camp is a game and the first person to get 1,000 points wins a tank.

On February 22, Dyson House, One World, and the World Cultures Floor will show animated Soviet propaganda films and serve ethnic foods at their movie night in Lecture Hall North on the NYC Campus. Caribbean Students Association (CSA) will also host a Caribbean culture-inspired movie night on February 22.

Also on February 22, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Programs continues their spring film series with Malcolm X, the biopic of the controversial and influential African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist Malcolm X, starring Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett and directed by Spike Lee.

SDCA in PLV continues their mega-fun Mugs ‘N Movies series on February 24 with the mega-funny Megamind, a 3-D animated superhero comedy film with a mind of its own starring Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Ben Stiller.