Finals Relief: It’s Tutoring Time!

That age-old myth that Einstein failed math isn’t actually true, so stop using it as your go-to excuse and head over to end-of-semester math reviews to keep you from from flunking finite math.

The Tutoring Center isn’t going to try to put the fun in Fundamental Mathematics, but they’re going to try to help you take the “F” out of it. Math End-of-Semester Reviews will be held on December 14 at the Tutoring Center in NYC.

In PLV? Stop by the Tutoring Center there for one-on-one and group math tutoring seven days a week.

Have a problem to solve in another subject? No sweat! The Tutoring Centers in NYC and PLV are open for business every day until the last day of finals, so check out their schedule and walk in to meet with a tutor today.

Looking for a quiet place to study on the NYC Campus? In addition to the Library, Reading Room, and designated classrooms, the Dean for Students has reserved the Multipurpose Room from 8:00 a.m. to midnight on December 15, 19, 20, and 22. >>Read More