Not in My Backyard

You’ve read about the worst of it in newspapers and seen it on TV; you’ve probably even witnessed it. Homophobia is in your backyard. So what are you going to do about it?

New York City. Home of the Stonewall Riots, grassroots activism, and vibrant LGBTQ community–or is it? Step outside of Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, the East/West Villages, and a parallel reality sets in–in your face heterosexism and homophobia.

While LGBTQ folks live, work, love, and nurture their families in Howard Beach, El Barrio, the South Bronx, and Bushwick, they remain outsiders. Simple acts, such as holding your partner’s hand or sharing a quick kiss before departing for work, can result in acts of violence and even death.

On October 28, the Office of Multicultural Affairs hosts Not in My Backyard, bringing together activists and spoken word artists to discuss the complexities, nuances, and policies that continue to keep LGBTQ communities in peripheral existences–as well as the activism of resistance to marginality.

Since lunch will be provided, RSVP is required. Email Denise Santiago at or Melanie Robles at